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Mouse did me hairs 😌


Photo by Nicolette Nunez

Warning: the source link is NSFW.

Adolisca Cooley

Warning: the source link is NSFW.


It’s Gwen!
This coming Sunday will be Vaughn Body Arts’ one year anniversary.

Gwen was one of our customers on opening day, she had her lip frenulum (smiley) pierced. Here it is after an upgrade to a rose gold fixed bead ring, just days shy of being a year old.

We also switched out the gems on her healed anatometal flat surface bar piercing Cody did two years ago (close up to show how nice and flat it still sits). The graduating sized Champagne gems look great.

Thank you Gwen!


Not sure how good the quality is on this, but I really like how the colours came out


Kimanne Moriarty, Jamaica Plain. 

Warning: the source link is NSFW.


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