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My gorgeous 10mm labret made by Sir Mateo The Stone Demunh. I love it so much!!! 

Wearing it with my favourite Diablo Organics weights :)

You can see his wonderful work here and here

(Someone please teach me how to take good selfies because I obviously suck at it)


I wish you a sexy, awesome, fantasic, amazing, phenomenal, romantic, lovely, magnificent weekend  choose you favourite.

Ich wünsche dir ein sexy, geniales, fantastisches, erstaunliches, phänomenales, romantisches, liebliches, grandioses Wochenende  Wähle dein Favorit. 

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Capelli rossi, septum e piercing al naso… Tutto ciò che vorrei in una foto.😱

Warning: the source link is NSFW.

Warning: the source link is NSFW.

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